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Good times.

I have nothing against Old Company. I mentioned that, nearly a year ago in my resignation letter to them, and it still holds true. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat if someone was looking to use their services. That said, the contract gig I was on, through them, was a bittersweet experience. I learned a lot, had quite a few good (and memorable) experiences, but still… amidst the other issues I encountered, it was really the weekly RDU-DTW commute which pretty much sucked the most, there’s no way around it. It held especially true right around this time of year — when the weather starts warming up and the trees begin to bud here, whereas all the while Old Man Winter still has his gnarled grasp around the neck of the northeast.

Anyway though, don’t want to dwell on the bad times. Back to the good times, met a few really good people during my time there… and as it turns out, one of the guys from a different contracting firm just got the reverse commute, the (semi-) lucky dog. Long-term commuting can have its suck factor — but I would rather be commuting out of DTW than into it.

I may meet up with him this evening, or have him over… In any case, it will be good to see him. I hope he’ll eventually decide to move down here permanently — he’s Good People, and the more the better.

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