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The sissification of Outback

I’d kinda had something in the back of my head about this for a long time, but it wasn’t until Jess’ bit about “TJ McFakerson’s” which kind of inspired me to write about it.

Seriously, what is up with Outback these days? I mean, I never much went there in the first place — if I want real steak, I’ll go to a real steakhouse — but I mean, it seems like for the past eight months or so, Outback has been getting in touch w/ its softer side. Just consider the song they’ve been using in their jingles — which is apparently the result of a blatant sell-out by a band who penned another song to the same tune — it’s completely lacking in any sort of dignity. Seriously, it’s like, “Let’s go Outback to-niy-yight… and forget about testosterone…

But it’s not just the song. It’s the voice-over, too… and while maybe the whole Crocodile Dundee-Steve Irwin “macho Australian” stereotype is long since played out… there’s no need for it to go in the complete other direction, no need for this whole soft-spoken “so whay nawt come into Outback, whar th’ steaks are warm ‘n’ juicy, and so are the hugs” tripe. Come on, now! Are you all proprietors of steak or citrus-melon body spray?

Anyone out there able to tell me what the geniuses behind this campaign were thinking? Or has it even worked? That might be the scarier notion.

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