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Dammit, Dean

One of my favourite, and widely known quotes by Moby is, “The Christian Right is neither”.

This said, I’ve never been a huge fan of Howard Dean, and I have to admit that his recent statement about the GOP being a “white, Christian party” annoys me a bit. I don’t care what the context is, in this case, because from my perspective, it doesn’t really matter.

Regardless of what Dean “meant”, what bothers me is that his statement reinforces the idea that the so-called “Christians” in the GOP are indicative of Christianity in America, or even Christianity in general.

I’ve said time after time that the Dobson evangelicals are far misled and indeed, in my opinion, far detached from what Christianity truly is. True Christians are charitable, peaceful and compassionate; none of these is an adjective I can, in good concious, apply to any of the selfish, chickenhawk warmongers that continue to exert their influence on the GOP.

By saying what he did, Dean has done nothing more but reinforce these mistaken beliefs that the Christian right is either — Christian, or right.

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