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‘Cued up

My dad sent me a copy of this article in the mail the other day, commenting how, living near Raleigh, I fall right near the middle of the NC barbecue debate.

The funny thing is, while I do prefer the vinegar based stuff (sorry, Seth), when I make ‘cue seasonings, I make a much better one when I add tomato.

This said — western ‘cue is mostly tomato with a splash of vinegar. Eastern ‘cue is mostly vinegar and peppers. My base, however, is a cross between the two — usually 2:1 ketchup to vinegar, with my other seasonings coming in later.

Based on my methods and my location, I guess you could call me the Henry Clay of BBQ country, eh?

Also: It’s funny how trains of thought chug. I got to talkin’ about BBQ, started looking for ‘cue places up here in Michigan, found a soul food place, pondered the meaning of “Beans and Cornbread” until my coworker mentioned that it was a song, and when looking that up, I stumbled across Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina.

Food weblogs rock.

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