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I was flipping through the channels today and saw that VH1 was re-airing the Live8 show. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it, but the TV remained on, and then I heard Pink Floyd come on. I liked the set a lot. They dedicated it to Syd.

I did a google search on Syd, and came across this article from last month. Kind of interesting.

I decided to try and play a few Floyd songs on the guitar today. I already know “Time” and I just about picked up “Comfortably Numb” today, too. I also somewhat re-learned “Wish You Were Here”, although I still can’t do the intro solo stuff right.

Everytime I hear “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, I think of Chaco, sitting in the lobby, singing it and/or playing it with the Crazy Russian. That night he seemed really into it – it felt so… authentic? Like he was really singing it with Syd in mind or something.

Across the planes of other internal matters, I can’t help but wonder if some things are coming to a head, here. Not a pleasant way to spend a weekend. I’ve been bored out of my mind on the weekends lately, but it’s a never-ending cycle. I get bored, and then get lethargic and apathetic, which means I get even more bored. Playing guitar helped a bit. For some reason the voice was really working well, too – I was tuned in quite well, oddly enough.

I did have a pleasant lunch today with some of the Carolina Kossacks, which broke some of the monotony. The gyro was pretty tasty, but I was still hungry afterwards, and I left kinda wishing I’d gotten some hummous or tabbouleh.

DB, I will hopefully get to that book tagging thing soon enough. It’s hard for me to remember, off the top of my head, which books I like, other than one or two which really bit me. I’ve never been good at remembering details, and that includes book titles. I’ve always been better at absorbing ideas.

I am thinking about buying a notebook tonight to do some writing, but I seem to do that once or twice a year, and nothing comes of it. I mean, nothing at all. I couldn’t name the last time I was able to write anything, much less anything decent.

I think I need to take up meditation or something. Things move fast.

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