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Hurry Up and Wait

  • The home warranty company’s offices open at 7:00 AM. Shortly thereafter, I gave them a call.
  • I was given the number of a place whose offices aren’t open until 8:00; called them at 8:02. Their VMB said they’d call back within a half hour, so I left a message
  • 8:40, called them, and spoke with a live body. The woman said they’d not even gotten to the voicemails from the weekend, understandably, due to the high volume of service requests. Said they wouldn’t be able to have anyone out until Wednesday.
  • 8:55, Called the home warranty group back, they gave me another number
  • 8:57, Spoke with this company, found out they wouldn’t be able to do anything until Tuesday (tomorrow) afternoon, and they don’t do weekend calls.
  • 9:02, Called the home warranty group back again, who made a call on my behalf and found someone who should be giving me a call in the next hour… they presumably aren’t on a preferred list, because they have to call the warranty company before making any repairs.
  • 10:15, no call from the repair place, so I called them. Apparently there was a mess-up between the warranty company and the repair company. he told me he could hear us talking on the phone and he heard her tell me that the guy would call in an hour ,but after she talked to me, he said that the woman hung up, and he never got any info for me. Says he’ll be here after lunch.

I’m not angry or fed up over any of this — although ask me later at 2:00 PM when it’s over 100 degrees in the house and I might answer otherwise — I can totally understand that it’s quite a busy season for the AC repair crews. It’s just a major hassle and very difficult to find repairs that can be done when one spends most of the week on the road.

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