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I used to think my least favourite news anchor was the annoying Nancy Grace. Next, I stopped being able to watch Joe Scarborough.

Now, it’s only been a few weeks since she’s been on during primetime, and I can’t stand Rita Cosby, although it’s mostly her annoying voice.

However, it’s occurred to me that the common thread woven through all these is the Natalee Holloway “saga”, which has had more coverage than a Michael Jackson visit to Romper Room.

Also, Cosby just pronounced it “Arubia”.

A few weeks ago, I was going to comment about the fact that the one redeeming feature of Fox News is the fact that, while MSNBC is showing crap like MSNBC Investigates, and while CNN is showing schlock like CNN Presents — all weekend long, these two networks show nothing but turds — Fox had news in the evenings.

…and then I changed the channel over to Fox. Nothing but Natalee.

How come Karl Rove couldn’t go missing off some Caribbean island? After all, it would give the networks an entire weekend to cover the plight of endangered whales.

P.S.: MSNBC is now talking about an apparent body part found floating off the coast of Venezuela. They have the dude from America’s Most Wanted on, who talked about the hopes that “this body part is attached to Natalee”.

Talk about a bad choice of words.

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