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Okay, let me be the first to say it. I don’t know if this was a local thing or whether it’s national, but the version of Green Day’s “When September Ends” that I heard on the radio in Detroit yesterday, the one mixed with all the hurricane Katrina sound bites, is terrible.

They did this years ago with Styx’s “Show Me the Way”, using Gulf War soundbites. Later on, they did it again with Springsteen’s “Secret Garden” and “Jerry Maguire

Now, the first one was alright, and it was kind of neat hearing an older song brought back in that way. The Jerry Maguire one was pretty bad, in all honesty — but at least it was related to the movie, i.e., it was on the soundtrack.

This “When September Ends/Katrina” mash-up, however, is a different story. I am wondering if it was done with the permission of the band — although I don’t think they’d care too much — because the album, and that song in particular, has a very certain focus and message; I wonder if they’d be disappointed in the notion that this might dilute it.

Artistically, though, the thing sucks, too. At least the first two mentioned tastefully chose sound bites and placed them at key points in the song. The recent one takes a chest full of sound clips and places them willy-nilly throughout the song, at every point where there’s a pause in the lyrics.

It’s pure cacaphony… with the emphasis on “caca”.

To whomever put this together — it was a nice idea, okay? However, it’s been done at least twice before, and they were done in a far more tasteful manner.

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