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Farm League

I played kickball Sunday.

This, in and of itself is no big news, as most people know. Prior to this year, I played three or four seasons up in various Northern Virginia WAKA divisions. This is, however, the first year they’ve gotten a (small) league going in The Triangle.

It shows, too.

I didn’t make the first game, and while I accept partial blame, I received no email from the team captain. Now, I don’t expect anyone to send out as many emails as I did when I captained a team, but an introductory mail would be nice.

Also, no one knows how to bunt.

The worst part is the reffing, though — there are no “full time” refs, at least not yet, so instead of supplementing the ref staff with players from neutral teams, it’s all neutral teams… and remember, these are all ‘rookies’.

That would explain why the ref standing on the foul side of first base called me out on my slide into second. To think I wasted a good and remarkably joelogonesque raspberry to get called out.

And the more I look at Joe’s leg there (umm), the more I realise how similar my injury is, right down to the bandage on the knee.

Overall, however, it was pretty fun. We lost 4-1, despite shutting the other team down 1-2-3 in at least two innings. I played 3B, and though showed a little rust (had one go through my legs…), it was a pretty good time. Too bad I didn’t feel like I could hit the bar, what with my travel schedules calling for early Sunday nights.

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