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The GOP Shows its ugly side.

Think the recent GOP tarpits of bad news haven’t dragged down even the most cheerleader sites, like FreeRepublic?
As several have noted elsewhere in the past week, it seems the recent disarray concerning Frist, DeLay and the ever-deepening pile of doo-doo that is the White House CIA leak, has been at a loss in posting its usual barrage of GOP “good news”. The knife cuts deeper than that, however.

A while back, I did an analysis of the thinly-veiled racism that exists througout the FreeRepublic website.  I noted that, whenever stories appear on the site that might have racial undertones, that, “[y]ou can hear the underground buzzing of the swarm really amplify.”

So what happens when there’s a vaccuum of GOP propaganda to disseminate and a history of racism on a website?
The answer is pretty evident… stories that normally get lost in the shuffle end up front-paged by FR users.  What’s more, this was actually the second time the story was posted today, albeit with a much more negative slant.

This entry isn’t so much a case of saying “I told you so”, nor hashing out something that we all probably knew – the inbred racism amongst a good portion of FreeRepublic users. Rather, it’s more an indication that the corruption that the GOP has found itself in has manifested in ugly ways, even amongst the most ardent of GOP websites. Lack of talking points from the GOP results in increase visibility of the garbage that makes up much of the GOP constituency.

Meanwhile, I am suprised that the apparent poster of this story — and ensuing commenter — seems to be using a corporate email account for personal use. Thanks, Google!

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