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The guy through whom I did my financing for my old townhouse sends out bi-monthly-ish “Hey, I’m still here for all your loan needs!” postcards. They’re still making their way to my new house because the post office is still forwarding on stuff to the new address, 8-10 months or so later.

The postcards this guy sends out — and I’ve seen others do the same thing — are something akin to this, each one having a recipe on it. This is done for obvious reasons of course — “Ooh, that looks good, I’ll hold on to this!”

Well, now that I live over 300+ miles away, it’s not likely I’ll be using his services anymore, but regardless, the recipe on a recent card we received, for a chipotle pumpkin soup, was attempted last night at our house… and it was good.

We tried it out, to see if we thought it would be a good idea to make at the yearly Thanksgiving beach excursion. Wife thought it was slightly too spicy. But that’s because I put three chipotles in, rather than the two for which the recipe called. Also used dollops of sour cream instead of creme fraiche because I couldn’t find the latter in any stores around here (I miss you, Wegmans), and that worked just fine. Also, it called for putting everything in the blender on puree. I don’t have a blender, but chopping the caramelised onions up in a veggie dicer was good enough.

I’ll post the recipe here sometime. Fantastic stuff! Until then, you’ll just have to be tortured, awaiting the recipe — I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

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