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The two-headed donkey.

(Title comes from a cartoon attached to this article from The Economist):

Two-Headed Donkey

My response to a DKos post entitled ‘A Redder Shade of Blue‘:

If you look at the right, it’s moving further and further from centre towards its extreme. GOP players like McCain, Chafee and Specter attempt to bridge divides and make calls for a more normalised stance on things, and they are called splitters, RINOs, what have you.

By that rational, it seems only obvious to me that as today’s neocon controlled GOP shifts more and more to the right that the alienated moderates and indeed, those “middle of the road”ers that exist — even though the “middle” has shifted far to the right — will make a move towards identifying with the Democratic party.

People can talk with derision about the DLC and bemoan the shifting face of the Democratic party, but until the Democratic party starts winning elections again, it doesn’t seem to me that the prerogative should be pushing a 100% blue-blooded agenda.

This doesn’t mean someone has to necessarily be a fan of the DLC, but perhaps efforts should be made to at least take advantage of new blood into the party before shooing them off.

You’re right, in one aspect, illustrating the dangers a party takes when bringing on a new faction, a la the Christian Right. However, it’s something of a false analogy. The Christian right is an ideological sect, which can’t truly be compared to a more middle of the road, populist block.

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