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Last night we went with a local coworker to eat at The Moose Preserve last night. Kinda half log cabin feel, half regular local pub, but without a seedy atmosphere.

We all split an appetizer plate — duck tenders, rabbit ravioli, venison sausage, whitefish pate and buffalo (meat)balls. We each then ordered the Road Kill Platter, which wasn’t actually as much food as might imply, but was still tasty and plenty filling. Quail, bacon-wrapped venison skewers, and wild boar sausage on a bed of wild rice.

Was as good a night as any to enjoy a nice glass of Laphroaig, as far as I was concerned.

I then teamed up with said coworker versus my other two fellow travellers to play pool on some lackluster tables. The cues weren’t all that great either. Regardless, we won 4-0 which came as a mild shock.

cswiii @ 3:44 pm

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