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Xmas lights

I will somewhat ashamedly admit that I was buying Christmas lights as early as October. However, I did so for good reason.

For the first time, I found exactly what I was looking for — LED Christmas lights, ones without the ugly plastic balls/lenses/whatever you want to call them, around the LEDs. I’ve wanted some LED Xmas lights for a few years now, never could find them, until last year. I wanted ones that looked more like normal small holiday lamps, though and unfortunately, last year’s crop all had the ugly lenses around them.

Phillips has a whole variety of them this year, though. Some have lenses — and some of the lenses are shaped to look like traditional bulbs. However, they have just plain LED-only ones and they are great. Bought up a bunch of those.

We have four strings of white icicle lights along the top edges of the front porch and garage, three around the hand rails to the front porch, and then two coloured sets on our Xmas tree. We didn’t buy any blue-only LED ones because the wife has an aversion to blue Xmas lights.

Really, these things are a lot cooler than the traditional bulbs, and use about 10x less electricity too — they are expensive, but I bet we save on electricity costs. A nice, pure-ish white, perhaps a tinge of blue. Compared side by side, traditional lights look downright yellow. Maybe I’ll post a picture at some point. Strangely, I haven’t seen anyone else in the neighbourhood with them yet — strange because they were disappearing off the shelves when they were first stocked.

We got ‘em at Target. Go take a look for yourself!

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