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Bad Christmas songs

Everyone has a few Christmas songs that they don’t like, nay, despise, that play on the radio this time of year. I have never really liked the campy “Feliz Navidad”, although part of that is probably by nurture — I don’t think anyone in my family likes it all either. I also like neither “Jingle Bell Rock” nor “Mistletoe and Holly”, both of which make me think of middle-aged dads from the 50s or 60s wearing cable-knit sweaters, strutting around their wood-paneled living rooms in their argyle socks, playing guitar and trying to look hip as bevies of family members and friends look on.

A new one to my list, however, is one that I am surprised I’d never heard before this year: “Dominick the Donkey“. It’s perhaps the most absurd Christmas song I’ve ever heard.

Hey! Chingedy ching,
(hee-haw, hee-haw)
It’s Dominick the donkey.
Chingedy ching,
(hee-haw, hee-haw)
The Italian Christmas donkey.
(la la la-la la-la la la la la)
(la la la-la la-la la-ee-oh-da)


What songs do you dislike?

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