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I have almost never in

I have almost never in my life used an HTML editor. I did, for about 15 minutes when I first started learning it, back in 1995 or so, but then I realized how easy it was, and never turned back.

Until this week.
Desiging testcases, and refusing to use MS-Word (as it seems to crash on me when I use lots of tables — and it’s not really portable), I started making some HTML tables…. and it is a pain in the ass if you have to make lots of ‘em. Now, I’m a table kinda guy. I like my HTML nicely organized, and for years, I have done the stuff by hand. But for something mass-produced such as this, I just want to get it done…

So what am I saying?
I’m saying that Mozilla‘s HTML editor is quite nice. It’s not pretty, or fancy, but it gets the work done — and it make nice, clean HTML.

I’m not saying that I’m gonna switch over for everything – there’s just too much I like to fine tune by hand. However, for making usable documents, it’s a nice piece of work.

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