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King George

* Bush spies on American citizens and permanent residents, skirting FISA provisions. He claims that this was legal and necessary under presidential wartime powers. Bullshit.

* Bush signs the supplemental budget bill containing John McCain’s anti-torture amendment with the following signing statement, skirting it.


The executive branch shall construe Title X in Division A of the Act, relating to detainees, in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President to supervise the unitary executive branch and as Commander in Chief and consistent with the constitutional limitations on the judicial power, which will assist in achieving the shared objective of the Congress and the President, evidenced in Title X, of protecting the American people from further terrorist attacks.

Translation: I’ll do what I feel I (want) have [ the right] to do. Bullshit.

What happened to the GOP mantra of always believing that “the government which governs least governs best”? Nevermind separation of powers.

Fuck every one of you who still levies unwavering support for this administration.

cswiii @ 11:48 am

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