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Quite sometime back, I wrote this (somewhat opinionated) little snippet about trying to find a new church home. I did actually visit Kirk of Kildare, linked therein, as they were the only church in the area which had a twilight Christmas service. Found it halfway decent and considered doing a transfer of membership there. It’s slightly out of the way, though — very slightly — and it’s a pretty big church. Just really hadn’t decided one way or another, much less had I ever gone back.

However, I did note, one day, that another I had never mentioned or heard about before, Cornerstone, was in the process of constructing a new building. I kept an eye out, and as it turns out, they started services in the building a couple months ago. Actually, they had been meeting in a school just down the road from us, prior to that, unbeknownst to me.

Anyway, long story short, some of you will be happy to know that I think I’ve found a new church home. Fairly small congregation and a nice mix of ages, it’s a real dynamic group. The theological bent seems to be reasonably moderate, at least currently1. While I haven’t yet seen the socio-political/social gospel stuff that I have come to admire, but it’s early yet, we’ll see. At very least, I think there will be some opportunity to lead. More importantly, however, there will be the opportunity to congregate.

1For what it’s worth, they’re searching for both a pastor and an associate, so if you’re so moved, or know someone who might be, take a look therein…

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