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A fresh start

Not quite sure how it happened, but in the process of emptying my 8500+ populated spam folder, I somehow also wiped out close to 200 or so emails that were in my main inbox.

Now, most of these weren’t too important, but some were from as far back as about 3 years ago which kind of fell into a purgatorio — they never seemed important enough right then to file into special folders, but they were important enough to not delete.

(For what it’s worth, if 200 emails seems like a lot, consider that I’ve had this email address for over 10 years. 200 emails in the inbox alone is a drop in the bucket.)

Anyway, so while I’ve lost a bunch of email, it does, at the same time, feel kind of refreshing. Really none of them is so important in the long term. And while I do need to fill in a few minor gaps (email me please, Chris), I am surprisingly not too concerned, given I tend to be an email packrat and have some saved from 1996 or earlier.

Maybe it’s maturity, maybe it’s the dao (道, aka “tao”). Maybe it’s the dreaded apathy. In any case, for whatever reason, I don’t feel I’ve lost a lot that will end up being too awful important.

Several years ago, reading the comics, I remember seeing a Shoe strip where Cosmo’s famous desk had been blown completely clean by a storm, or a gust of wind, or somethiing. Wish I could find it. In any case, it evokes the same sort of feeling.

For what it’s worth, I noticed the loss when only three emails existed in my inbox — all of which had been correctly tagged as spam by Thunderbird. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m too much a lazy middle-class intellectual to find it.

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