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So anyway, I have been

So anyway, I have been suffering somewhat all weekend from a combination groin pull and twisted ankle, both on the same leg, that I received playing kickball, of all things. They’re both about gone now.Hope it doesn’t become a “nagging injury” that affects my “season”. In any case, we won our third game. I forget the final score, but we won handily, by like six or seven, playing 1-2-3 Not It! I went 2-3 — yes, had my first out at-bat, a foul ball pop-out — that’s the worst. I ended up scoring no runs, and knocking no runs in. Of course, when you end up kicking leadoff two of those times, these sorta things happen. Maybe I can get some credit for starting a rally? I dunno.

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. Saturday, I went and picked up the aforementioned server from my neighbor. Sunday, I played poker. Only really played once before, where we nickeled and dimed it; Â This time stakes were higher (minimum bet of 25c), and I lost a little bit of money. Not bad, though, with the exception of one hand. Learned a few variations on a lot of different poker games. It’s “Four Corners” and “Guts” that get expensive quickly.

I ate fast food twice this weekend. I am such a dumbass.

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