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Kickball was canceled. Well, more

Kickball was canceled. Well, more accurately, it rained like a fiend. The sharp gusts make the rain feel more like hail. Maybe some of it was. While this didn’t stop some of us from running out onto the cricket field and start kicking around a soccer ball like idiots while fighting the rain and wind, it stopped anyone from the other team from even showing up. Now, considering that:
1. Come to the site expecting to play, regardless, if nothing to the contrary has been posted by 3:30, and…
2. We had enough (including women!) to field a full team, and…
3. Their team captains never even made it out…

…we’re gonna argue for a victory due to forfeiture. We’ll see what becomes of that.

It turned out to be a good evening, though — I ended up spontaneously inviting some of the team, those being the remainders left after everyone else had gone home — to come over to my place for dinner. Cooked a variety of things, nothing fancy, really. Fried rice, fancy scrambled eggs, and cornbread, along with whatever else they got at the store. It was a good time, I thought. Really got to know everyone a little more, and just generally enjoyed the company.

The little notebook that had the cornbread recipe is a faux-velvet covered wirebound thing that I got at Borders one time when I decided I wanted to start writing and drawing a lot again. As does happen to any of my notebooks, it started that way, but ended up with just a bunch of scribbles and torn sheets. This time around it has hanzi throughout, from when I was really studying my Mandarin.

In any case, N, the co-captain and gf of captain, was, for some reason, intrigued. She mentioned that she likes to just write in notebooks if they’re around. She asked if she could. I didn’t care, though in retrospect, I think that’s a great idea — I think I’m gonna leave a notebook out for guests in the house to write anything they want.

Dinner got cooked, we all chatted, discussed magic tricks and whatever else the world would allow. People started getting tired around 9.45 and headed out shortly thereafter.

Talked with the girlfriend on the phone for a while, and am now in the process of getting ready for bed. Doing so, however, I remembered that N had written something in the notebook. I decided to see what she had to say.

my new bud corey — how do
we ever come across people that
can add a little bit of
intrigue and education to our
lives? we love enrichment,
we all do, and the overflowing
of human generation of ideas.
so if i so enlighten you, and
you so enlighten me, why
must our lives be so consumed
that we lose track of our
relationships with like-minded
people? woe is everyone.


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