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At the pizza buffet today,

At the pizza buffet today, there was a guy, wearing all black, Docker pants, Tom Cruise Top Gun-esque style haircut, gold chain around his neck. Woman with him, whose hair, while not crazy in terms of acreage, was still sporting that frosted blonde look.

Piped in over the airwaves, was a fine selection of music, featuring Kenny Loggins, Don Henley, Mike and the Mechanics, and Rod Stewart.

I was half-expecting to see the Breakfast Club bunch saunter in, by the time I left.

In other observations, I had what might well be my first sighting of someone in public with very obvious symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’m no shrink, so I can’t make a qualitative analysis of that, but the guy came in, made four trips to the buffet before even eating anything, including what must have been a five minute trip to the salad bar. It was probably at least 10 minutes before he started eating. Every time he came back to the table, minor, deliberate arrangements and changes were made to his place settings; Since I was in a booth, I couldn’t see what they were, however. It was kinda fascinating, although I didn’t dwell on it.

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