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Definition of dichotomy: Purchasing an

Definition of dichotomy:
Purchasing an issue of GQ featuring a nearly-topless Heidi Klum on the cover, in addition to a copy of J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories.

Tonight’s reading was the first eighty pages of a book lent to me by M, Twelve Stories of Russia: A Novel, I Guess. It’s about an American who lives in Russia… and then back in America, and then back in Russia once again — I think. It’s really pretty interesting, albeit somewhat bizarre, until you get used to the writing style. M says it’s a good portrayal of Russian culture, that some of the humour most Americans might not even get, w/o being familar with the idiosyncracies. In any case, it’s been thus far enjoyable.

It’s kinda making me want to type out my China scribbles. It’ll happen, sometime soon, I think.

Oh yeah. The woman who rang up my purchases was a bit taken aback by the magazine. Not offended, just surprised, I guess. She kept glancing at it, and remarked that she hadn’t “ever seen this magazine before”. It was then, after looking a little more closely, that she realised it was GQ.

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