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Angle Inlet

When I was younger, one location in the US that always fascinated me, at least from a geographic viewpoint, was that tiny nub of land in Minnesota, north of most of the US/Canadian border. You usually need to see a fairly detailed map to locate it. Surrounded on three sides by water, and on the fourth by Canada — there is actually no contiguous border shared with the continental United States.

Other than fleeting, geographical interest, however, I never paid much attention to this anomaly, until something triggered thoughts about it in my head. Furthermore, simply based on its location, I figured there had to be some interesting politics involved in its existence. Thus, I decided to look it up on the net.

The region is called Angle Inlet. It has an interesting history, and indeed, some curious politics.

It is little, quirky bits of land like this that interest me, rather than big cities.

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