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* At first, I was convinced that the sniper was an utter genius. I thought this, because he managed to exploit the very weaknesses of an urban area — easy entrances and exits, lots of places to hide, amongst a few other things. I mean, I knew the guy was skilled with the gun, but it was if there was a little something more… intuitive to him, in a social sense, like he really knew how to subvert an urban population.

However, near the very end — and before that, in retrospect — he didn’t seem to be as smart, or as focused with a motive as one would expect. Now, many serial killers make an effort to communicate with law enforcement. This is almost necessitated, as the killings have been likened to drug hits — the need to heighten the thrill increases with every killing, and thus the tauntings/challenge increase, as a way to manifest this thrill.

Now, this guy started doing that. However, he went insanely overboard — to the point of mentioning the crimes in Montgomery. This really doesn’t make sense. And the $10 million dollars… a lot of people think, or though, that this was just something done to throw people off. However, I don’t think so. They lived in homeless shelters. They slept in cars, lived in cars. They’d been reduced to eating crackers and honey. I think this was the act of a desparate, materialistic soul, and I think he honestly believed he could get $10 million — and that really, all this shows that his motive, at least in any psychopathic tendency, was not as focused as people orginially thought. Furthermore, they confess this stuff to a priest, use him as an intermediary. The key there is “confessed”, at least this is the word used in the media. John Mohammed converted to Islam, apparently, after Sept 2001. Why would he “confess”, then, to a priest? Leads me to believe he wasn’t very steadfast in his faith, whatever it may be, you know, as if his conversion was almost a blind-faith, on-the-whim sort of thing. Religion isn’t something you generally take lightly when converting, and yet it seems as if this guy did it on the spur of the moment.

Sudden conversion to another religion. Giving police obvious clues as to who he was. Sleeping in a rest stop 60 miles from the crimes, after his mugshot and stuff were posted on the TV.

Suddenly the guy seems less like a tactical genius, and more like a guy who’s not too bright, much less having any common sense.

* This one’s not as long. Peoples’ names can tell you a lot about your environment. There were fewer than 600 students at my college. There were two women with very similar names, “Alethea” and “Althea”. Now, at first I thought one was a variation of the other, but apparently they mean two different things: “truth” for the former, “healer” for the latter, both greek in origin. This not notwithstanding — I had never, ever heard either of these two names before — and then suddenly, here I was at a tiny college in Tennessee, and these names were in the commonplace. The school had Althea and Alethea, not to mention a whole parade of Bethanies, Abigails, Rachels, Sarahs. On the other side, there were plenty of Davids, Micahs, and the like.

From a “religious names” perspective, my school was the spiritual equivalent of Oxy-Clean.

* Last thought. Google is amazing. The fact that I can do a google image search for “辣椒“, and get appropriate results, just blows my mind, for some reason.

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