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Had some company in town this weekend. M. and I have an old college friend who came up from TN, brought M’s sister with him, so she could fly out of IAD (changed to BWI), home to Russia.

M. and our friend decided to go check out the Smithsonian. I’m pretty much burned out on the Smithsonian. So I took his sister Xmas shopping, since I had to do some myself, too.


Hit Leesburg outlet mall. While there, she mentions that she saw the exact same sweater that she was wearing, in the store for $48. She’d gotten hers for $16 at Ross’. Remember this. You will be quizzed later. I started to not feel exactly tip-top. I didn’t feel bad, but I wasn’t feeling quite wonderful.

After that, we headed to Dulles Town Centre, roamed around, and she still couldn’t really find any suitable toys for 6 and 7 year old girls, per the request from back home. Thus, we went to Toys R Us.

I was getting pretty tired, a little more sick, and slightly achy. Really beat. But then I made the fatal mistake. Leaving Toys R Us…
Me: *pointing across the parking lot* Hey, there’s Ross’. Need to do any shopping? *joking laugh*
Her: Actually — yeah, I do, I need a hat before I go home.

We ended up spending so much time in that store. Erff. I guess we left my house around 2.30, earlier that day. We didn’t get home till 9.30. I was a pile of sore bones, and I still don’t feel great today.

#$@$%$@#@ malls. Or maybe just #$@$%$@#@ the fact that I’m such a nice guy. :P

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