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Portion of an AIM conversation

Portion of an AIM conversation I had with a friend of mine. Alex is from, and living in Germany.

Alex: yep. in 200 minutes i’m going to blow all that out of my head … chili peppers in concert.
me: wooot!
Alex: thats goona be a cool eveneing
me: werd
Alex: werd?
me: word
me: I’m ghetto like dat, yo
me: rap star
Alex: yo brother, gimme that fat beat.

Also, re: the colour change — I got tired of looking at the old ones, which were on my journal since inception, and on my webpage to one degree or another, for the longest time. CSS rules… made it easy. It was harder to change on LJ, but it gave me an opportunity to tweak with the standard templates a bit, too.

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