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Entangling Alliances

So, the hawks are, and have been training a wide variety of Iraqi people for invasion and/or regime toppling. This includes Iraqi exiles, fringe military groups, and of course, Kurds. The Kurds probably have the most to gain from a regime change, and is no doubt one of the reasons Washington’s gone a-courtin’ them. Thus, assuming the result of this thing is as expected, there is no doubt that the Kurds will want some restitution. I’d say right now that the US has made assurances of such, but I can’t state this with certainty.

Now, let’s turn to Turkey.

According to a CNN article today,

Turkey also has sought assurances that Iraqi Kurds will not get more political or military power during and after any war.

Ankara fears any separatist ambitions by Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq could spread to its own Kurdish minority concentrated around the border with that country.


Should these assurances be made — and somehow, I don’t doubt that they will, in a greasy, snake-oil sort of way, we’ve had a history of making contradictory promises to opposing factions — it’ll just be more fuel for the fire… all the more evidence to support the notion that Iraqi invasion and/or occupation will only open Pandora’s box.

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