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Kickin’ It!

Hey all you Northern VA area friends and freaks,

It’s getting to be kickball time of year, again. You’ve heard me rave about it before, and here’s your chance to join!

Right now, I have a group set-up. It will not necessarily be a team, unless it gets big enough, but regardless, all people in the group should end up on same team.

To create a WAKA account, and to login:

Once you are in, if you want to join our group:

* Select “Reston Division” from the list of available ones — it should be near bottom.
* On the next page, choose the option to join an existing group (not team). Select the group “Maggie’s Farm

I don’t know what to do after that. Wait for me to approve you, I guess. I have never done this before. I like the whole “group” idea, less commitment involved, immediately, than a team. Not that I’m “afraid of commitment”, but after the teeth-pulling experience of putting together an FFL, it’s a breath of fresh air.

This is gonna rock!

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