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Gooooooood morning Vietnaaaaaam!

Article below…

U.S. Orders 4-6 Day Pause in Iraq Advance-Officers
Sat March 29, 2003 12:02 AM ET
CENTRAL IRAQ (Reuters) – U.S. commanders have ordered a pause of between four to six days in a northwards push toward Baghdad because of supply shortages and stiff Iraqi resistance, U.S. military officers said on Saturday.

They said the “operational pause,” ordered on Friday, meant that advances would be put on hold while the military sorted out logistics problems with long supply lines from Kuwait.

The invasion force would continue to attack Iraqi forces ahead of them with heavy air strikes during the pause, softening them up ahead of any eventual attack on Baghdad, said the officers, declining to be named.

Use of gas-guzzling armored vehicles has been restricted to save fuel and food is also in short supply. In one frontline infantry unit, for instance, soldiers have had their rations cut to one meal packet a day from three.

Resistance from Iraqi militias fighting in towns along the advance lines has hampered the stretched supply convoys.
To clarify:
Do I hate the troops? No. They’re putting their lives on the line.
Do I feel sorry for them? No. As my mom always said, “you made your bed, now you sleep in it.”

I mean, seriously, what is the point of this article, other than to encourage sympathy for “the boys overseas”?

I dunno. Perhaps this sound puerile. Strangely enough, to me it sounds awfully conservative in an economic sense. If you join the military, be it full-time, or reserves, you know that you are joining up for a few hours a month of hard-livin’, even fewer (two days a month, two weeks a year) if you are a reserve — and you’re pretty well aware of the notion that you’ve generally got about a 10% chance of getting deployed. Hell, doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me at all, either. Comparatively, the pay may suck, but you’re getting a whole lot more than you would flipping burgers. You can get a college education out of it. Spend 20 years or so in the military, you can retire with a nice pension. The basic economic concept of “opportunity cost” comes to mind. I don’t blame the lot of them.

But why should I feel “sorry” for those who go overseas?

I dunno. I should just @#$!@$!@ go to sleep.

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