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Closed code, closed minds.

Jonathan Band is a blooming idiot.

According to Band, who represents neither SCO nor IBM in this case, a crucial vulnerability with the open-source model is too much trust. “Open source relies on the fact that everyone is going to behave appropriately. You assume no one would inject anything they shouldn’t inject into the code. That’s not a legal problem, but it trusts people perhaps more than you should,” he argues.

What a dumbass! How can you have “too much” trust, when everything is right there in the open?? How can you have any trust in software that is closed? Who is there to audit closed code, and who is there to keep the developers accountable, other than the developers themselves? I’d wager that there’s been a larger history of IP theft/plagarism within closed code for just that reason — who will know what makes up the guts of the software, if you’re not allowed to see them?

Open code is just that — anyone can see it, anyone can see what has been added. Closed code is like driving a car with the hood welded shut.

cswiii @ 11:40 am

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