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A while back, an apparently

A while back, an apparently Irish Pub opened up in Ashburn, called Kirkpatrick’s.

At work, in the kitchen today, on the pegboard, there’s one of those little flyers for the place. You know, like the ones that clutter your car if you park within three blocks of any club in DC.

“Kirkpatrick’s presents DJ KAOS, playing hip-hop, r&b, reggae and house music, all night long!”

Irish pub, eh? Why do I get the feeling there won’t be much Celtic soccer on TV there? I mean, granted, most Irish pubs around here are about as Irish as McDonald’s. But “DJ KAOS”?

This is Even more cynically amusing after looking at their webpage.

“Kirkpatrick’s Irish Pub, Sports Bar & Family Grille…”

Sports Bar
Family Grille
and now, Dance Club.

“Hey sweetie, let’s take li’l Billy over to the Grille this evening. We can toss back a few Guinnesses and meet the neighbours, maybe catch some of the game. We’ll also let Billy “order off the adult menu” this time… he’ll keep busy with a hamburger that big, leaving us plenty of time to get our grind on with the Hendersons. I hear that DJ KAOS is spinning all night long!”

I tried to work “House of Pain” in this entry, but I just couldn’t do it, not this early.

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