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Okay, so that guy who

Okay, so that guy who wouldn’t let me over… I guess that’s @#$@#$in’ common practise here in Texas. If I had a shot of vodka for everytime it has happened to me — including when I’m coming off a short inbound/outbound ramp — I would be too drunk and hungover to ever make today’s interview.

Oh yeah, today’s interview. I finally find directions to the corp HQ, since they (in their words, even) “dropped the ball” and never gave me directions, OR my time to get there. I arrive at 9:00, bewildered, and I finally get in touch w/ someone, who tells me that
1. It’s not at the HQ location, it’s at a place 5 minutes from the hotel
2. The interview is at 2.30 PM (CT) today.

So I spend time driving around Dallas… finding my way back onto I-365, dealing with exits being closed where I’d prefer them to be open… etc… but it hasn’t been terrible.

I do like the massive “horseshoe” type lanes specifically for U-turns that they have here, that go under the major highway(s). Miss your exit? Nooo problem, just take the U-turn and you’re set.

I’ve taken at least 4 of those since I’ve been here ;).


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