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What the…?

I swear, is it “Bring Your Nerd to Work” day at the Associated Press or something? I mean, first I saw the Futurama article… and while I don’t particularly hate the show — and I may well be wrong about the following presumption — while reading it, based on the utter enthusiasm contained therein, I couldn’t help but conjure up images in my head about some aspiring, uber-nerd guy/gal who had his/her first chance to write an AP headline spot… and did so with relish.

“For now, however, we ancients of the 21st century who love it will continue to celebrate “Futurama” as unbeatable satire — even as its prime-time cycle nears an end.”

But wait, there’s more! What else is showing up on the front page of CNN, now? An article discussing the lack of romance in the life of Lara Croft.

“Croft has demonstrated a wealth of passion in her life — fitting for someone born on Valentine’s Day — but she has directed it mainly toward things long dead or forgotten: ancient tombs, lost temples, mystical relics.”

Mourning the loss of Futurama? Speculating on the love life of Lara Croft? Again, both of these articles were linked, at one point, on the front page of! Am I in some sort of weird alternate universe, or something?

“Alternate universe?” Oh no! I’m infected too!

Update: CNN itself has been affected too — look at the caption under the image in this article!

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