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Dear Corey,

I apologize for the lengthy delay, but the editors have finally reviewed the images for the book and have selected your photograph of habaneros for the book, Organic Chemistry. As per our previous discussion, I am more than happy to credit you with this photograph and to provide you with a copy of the book. I will need to receive a hi-res scan as soon as possible and I will also need to send you a permission letter for this image to be released for our use. Could you give me your full name, address, and phone number? After I receive that information, I will send a permission letter to you via email and give you directions to our ftp site, where the hi-res scan can be posted. I truly thank you for your assistance with this project, and again, my apologies for the delay.


Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxx

And lest anyone ask, I didn’t query regarding payment, only photo ownership. It woulda been negligible anyway, from what I can tell, and all that’s important to me is the credentials.

cswiii @ 3:40 pm

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