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SLICs and fibres and coils, oh my!

So I did a little researching today, and had an interesting talk w/ one of the verizon phone techs. He was pretty helpful and sympathetic to my issue re: dsl…. and it was through him that I discovered the technical issue as to why i can’t get DSL i.e., it’s not fibre lines, or coils, or that my phone number is in a “foreign exchange”, etc… he told me that I was on a digital loop carrier (DLC). This was another theory that I was aware of, but he confirmed it.

Talking w/ him, he eventually conceded that, yes, it is technically feasible to have my line removed from behind the DLC but that the engrs won’t generally come out and remove the line from the DLC unless there are probs w/ the line itself… to have it removed would be a matter of talking to the right people at the right time. He did even go so far as to give me the number of the local engineering office, however.

So now I am at the social engineering phase…. any suggestions as how to approach this?

cswiii @ 7:15 pm

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