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Letter to a beloved Taco

And thus ends the teedz-Tacoma affair, 1999-2003.

Tacoma, I have loved you greatly, and we have been together since the first day I had you. I loved your power and your agility. You got me through some of the toughest days. We did a lot together, and though I sometimes sought to “upgrade”, I only ended up coming back to a newer version of you.

Alas, the months and years passed, and you became less and less practical to me. At the same time, however, others began to use and take advantage of you. Things just weren’t working out.

Was it jealousy? Did I just get bored? Did I no longer enjoy you? I don’t know for sure… it might have been any or none of these, to varying degrees.

Whatever the case, everything happened so fast last night. I made a rash decision to go with a new mistress, a sexy Escort…. and while it’s true you’ll always have a soft place in my heart, I think this is for the best.

Fare thee well, Tacoma. Maybe one day our paths will cross again, if the fates decide it should be.

cswiii @ 10:21 pm

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