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And the BS run-around continues!

So I come home from work today to see a circular in the mail from Adelphia.

“High Speed Internet
$24.95 a month until 2004*

The dish can’t offer it…
DSL isn’t widely available…
Power Link is in your neighborhood now!”

Mustering up all the intestinal fortitude I could manage, to suppress my cynicism about Adelphia’s seemingly endless loads of horse hockey, I called them up.

Guess what! It’s not available!

What a POS company. I’d pretty much already had my mind set to avoid getting cable modem service from Adelphia, even when it was available, and wait for the DSL that will eventually be rolled out in this general area.

…I wasn’t sure of it, however, until about five minutes ago.

Oh well, at least I can take comfort in knowing that they (supposedly) have removed me from their mass-mailings, per my request. I won’t have to see their tripe anymore.

cswiii @ 7:26 pm

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