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I am seriously about to

I am seriously about to go crazy, here.

Friday came and went, as did the weekend, as did Monday… and no one followed up re: the offer on the condo, so I can only guess that they changed their mind.

There were at least seven more visits between Friday and Monday, one of which unfortunately stopped by w/o calling first, while I was still there, albeit getting ready to leave. While that’s not necessarily a show-stopper, it’s much better that you ain’t there when they are. Regardless — no news. And that ain’t good news.

What is wrong with my place? Is it that bad?? I think it looks great, sans a few marks on the wall that I keep coming across. I can clean those up, though, and I’m sure it still won’t make a difference.

After the open house, my realtor commented to me that the one thing she heard a few times was, “so, a single guy lives here, eh”. I guess they could tell by the fledgling number of shirts and shoes I have left in plain site. I wonder if this is a reason there have been so few bites. What a stupid bias, if such is the case. I mean, I own the place, it’s not like I am gonna go putting my foot through the walls, etc.

I’m not a nervous wreck yet, but I’m teetering.

Sometimes my burden seems more than I can bear
It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there

– Bob Dylan

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