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Recruiters are talking heads

Every once in a while, I will get an email from a company looking to employ my services. Probably 1/4 of those, for some weird reason, are too stupid to see which company it is for whom I work. I say “too stupid”, because it is these people who are telling me they have a contract position open… AT MY COMPANY.

Anyway, this happens once in a while, but it hadn’t happened recently; something triggered thoughts of that in my head today, though, I’m not sure what — but I decided that next time I get an email like that, I would have some fun.

Strangely enough, I got a phonecall about it today. What a bunch of morons.

It’s too bad I was in the office, I woulda royally chewed the guy’s ear off.

cswiii @ 4:22 pm

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