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Letter to the Post… again

This is a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post‘s “Loudoun Extra section. I don’t think it will be published, but it’s pretty serious nonetheless, especially now considering this damning article (Thanks, cotterpinx).

What are Delgaudio’s ‘Sterling Values’?

As the upcoming elections approach, my mailbox has been cluttered with
numerous campaign fliers and colour glossy ads for countless numbers of
politicians. They have touched upon any number of issues pertinent to
this county: sprawl, education, community safety. Based on the sheer
number of these I receive each day, it is easy to become overwhelmed and
forget just which candidate stands for what issues. There is one
candidate who stands out in my mind, however – and for all the wrong

Of all the campaign material I have received, Mr. Eugene A. Delgaudio’s
fliers come to mind. If you read them, you will find out that Mr.
Delgaudio stands up for “Sterling Values”. A look into his activities
outside Loudoun’s zoning board will tell you otherwise, however.

Back in April 8, 2002 the Washington Post published an article
entitled, “Anti-Tax In Loudoun, Anti-Gay Everywhere“. In this article,
The Post outlines a number of campaigns with which Delgaudio is
involved outside our immediate area. Times have changed, but it is highly
unlikely that Mr. Delgaudio’s worldview ever has; thus, I find the

Post‘s article as relevant now as it was then.

What do these aforementioned campaigns have in common? They all support a
vehemently anti-gay agenda, and are extremely vitrolic in nature. One
lesser example is his mock “Perverts for Cellucci” protest rally during
former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci’s ambassadorial nomination. A
more vilifying one, perhaps is from one of his newsletters, where he
chastised the idea of gay leaders in the Boy Scouts, saying “forcing the
Boy Scouts to hire homosexuals is the same as being an accessory to the
rape of hundreds of boys”.

I’m neither gay nor particularly partisan but I am nonetheless horrified
to think that Delgaudio can be considered a beacon of “Loudoun Values”
with stances like these. Delgaudio’s viewpoints are a throwback to times
of old, intolerant bigotry. To say that one can represent the values of
this progressive region while supporting such intolerance is hypocritical
and an outright lie, Mr. Delgaudio, and we’ve had presidents impeached
for far lesser ethicial breaches.

I implore to the voters of Sterling to take this into consideration
when voting in the November 4th election. It’s been said in the past that

“hate is not a family value”. I highly doubt it is a value of Loudoun
County, either.


Corey Welton

cswiii @ 11:58 am

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