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Go out and by a Trale-rated Jeap

The other day my mind was wandering, and somehow I got to lamenting about the poor use of English grammar and spelling that is so readily apparent today. Along with this, though, I did note that it’s at least somewhat comforting that most of this stuff doesn’t get past the editors for larger deals. I mean, yeah, you see it in the newspaper sometimes, but based on the sheer volume of text in these publications, even if it is pretty dumb, it doesn’t surprise me to see something slip through once in a while.

On the other hand, you have professionally developed TV shows and commercials. I’m not talking about those grainy, faded, splotchy commercials your local cable company sells, but the real deal, put together by massive studios, on big budgets. In these, you rarely see anything out of place, grammar-wise, and obviously the spelling has been checked and double-checked. I don’t think I have ever seen a mistake in one of these spots…

…which is why, this week, it blew my mind to see the following small print in the footer of a new Jeep ad.

Professional driver on closed coarse

How much are they paying these guys again?

cswiii @ 10:08 am

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