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Christmas Shopping

Note to Family members who might see this:

I am not going to lock down this entry all fancy, or make special LJ groups to exclude family. Read it only if you want to spoil your own holiday. So there :P.

It’s turning out to be a Comestibles Christmas this year… some people may get similar things, not because I’m too lazy to shop anywhere else but because I think interests may overlap a bit.

This list is for my own tracking purposes, but I figured I’d go ahead and share some of them, should there be people out there, like me, who haven’t done any shopping until today. A lot of these were things I saw on a Food Network show.

+ indicates purchase has been made.

+Dad and Ann – Vosges Haut Chocolat Truffles, 32 piece gift box

+Kirsten and Josh – something…
+Mom – Hot tub tray, aromatherapy heat pad
+Grandma – aromatherapy neck/shoulder pad, eye pad
+Amy and Sean – Beach glass wine charms
+Jeff and Susie – Annette’s Beer Brittle and Chocolate Liquor Sauce.
+Abbey – Fat Witch 16 Assorted Brownie Babies
+Tom – Original Juan hot sauces, Batches #218, #112, #114

+Qing – something…
+Coworker (Secret Santa) – A gift set of tea tins and a b

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