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Duh, duh, and double-duh

Like a doctor with zero bedside manner, Ryan pretty quickly gets to the point: Since Neistat’s iPod is past the year-long warranty, the cost of parts, labor and shipping will nearly equal the cost of a new machine, and so, Ryan suggests yet again, Neistat should probably just relax and buy a new iPod, which currently costs from $299 to $499, depending on the memory size.

When are people going to learn? When you join the Apple cult, sooner or later, you’re gonna end up drinking the kool-aid. This is what Apple is all about, nailing you on proprietary hardware! Very similar things happened to me with my clamshell iBook — about three months after the one-year warranty on it expired, what do you know, my CD-ROM died. Thus, I went to the local authorised Apple repair/sales shop. This was not an Apple store, mind you, but a shop authorised by Apple nonetheless and indeed, they had corporate and government contracts from around the US to do repair work.

So maybe you can imagine my surprise when they told me they couldn’t fix my iBook, that “Apple won’t let us even touch those things”.

Well no wonder… I called up customer service, and Apple wanted $350 to replace and fix it.

Update: I hadn’t even finished reading the article yet, when I wrote this. Funny that it uses the term “Kool-Aid” too, albeit in a slightly different context.

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