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So Obvious

“‘So’ is the new favourite — at least among mainstream culture,” Tagliamonte told Reuters on Thursday, adding that no study has been done on why the word is so popular.

Co-author Roberts spent a year going through transcripts from each episode of the first eight seasons of “Friends”, taking note of every single adjective for the study.

I wonder how much they got paid to study this… I made the same connection back in college, like 5-7 years ago, albeit I didn’t make any commentary, due to fear of some sort of weird retribution — small colleges make you a little more cautious about things like that.

Regardless, I think the article/study may be a bit off… it’s not “so”, although its usage alone has picked up, but it’s derived from the increasing use of “so” with a negative modifier.

I remember noticing some people, people who I’d known since I started attending school, who because saying things akin to:

“She so does not get it.”
“That professor was so not cool about it”

At the same time, Friends was at the peak of its game, and I knew that several of these people were big fans of the show. While I’d never seen the show much at the time, and still don’t really watch it, I’d seen enough to make the connection.

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