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Dean vs. Dems

So today, on, the first thing I see emblazoned across the page is Dean: ‘Tired of being the pin cushion’.

I am so sick of you at this point, Dean. You already blew your stack a few days ago, and now this. If you can’t stand the heat, Howie, stay out of the kitchen. This happens in every primary series, you’re no different — as if you deserve to be up on some pedestal. You should feel lucky, considering the press has been propping you up for the past three months; You were neck-and-neck with Clark in polls a while back, but strangely enough, we never heard anything about him, we just heard about you and you and you.

You’re a phony, but what’s amazing is how blatant you are about it. Consider your gaffe in the Iowa Brown & Black debate.

HOLT: Next we’d like to give Governor Dean an opportunity to ask a question of one of your opponents.

DEAN: Well, I am going to break the mold a little bit, as Joe did, but we won’t have quite as long a speech. I’d like to ask my question to a community activist who’s in the audience whose name is Ako Abdul-Samad. He’s on the school board.

And the question is, I’ve spent two years listening to Iowans here in there caucuses and hearing their concerns and their needs. Can you tell us, Ako, what we ought to be doing to help your community?

HOLT: Well, hold on a second, Governor Dean. We’re not formatted to take questions from the candidate to a member of the audience. The questions are to be to members, other opponents.

DEAN: Well…

HOLT: That’s the format agreed by the candidates.

DEAN: I understand. I understand.

HOLT: Do you have a question to one of your opponents?

DEAN: Well, I…

SHARPTON: Governor, ask me. I’ll let Ako answer for me.



DEAN: Well, you know, part of this campaign is about change, and it’s about letting ordinary people have something to say about something what goes on.

HOLT: Well, I don’t want to argue the point with you, but there was a format agreed to by the opponents. So do you have a question for another opponent, or should we move on?

DEAN: No, I think we’ll move on.


DEAN: Thank you.

HOLT: Thank you very much.

What a panderer! A miserable attempt, really, and it just goes to show how foolish and overly self-confident you are.

Oh, wait. Maybe that was an example of you demonstrating yourself as “progressive”. Hah.

Anyway, I’m really kinda glad to see you do all this, as much as I think you’re entirely ridiculous. A few more outbursts like this, and maybe we’ll begin to see Clark get the attention he deserves.

…But since you seem to be clamoring for personal attacks, here’s one: Why do you always look like you’re constipated? What is up with your neck, man?

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