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Deanie Weenies.

No, I’m not gonna post the mp3 or the video of Dean’s shrill war yip. That’s been done to death.

I do have them, however, if you’re interested ;).

From National Review:

“It sounds as if you had a little bit of an anxiety attack when you got the word that you were now governor,” Heyman said.

“I did,” Dean answered. ” I hyperventilated and I started hyperventilating and I thought, ‘You better stop that or you won’t be much good to anybody.’”

“Has that happened since, or before?”


“Why was that such a ”

“To suddenly get told that you have responsibility for 600,000 people it provokes a little anxiety.”

“But now you’re asking for responsibility for 250 million and then, the global reach of the U.S. presidency. That doesn’t provoke a little anxiety?”

I sometimes feel I need to tone down the Dean rhetoric… but I honestly just don’t think this guy could handle the job. Nothing on Dean’s record particularly impresses me, and the lack of poise doesnt’ seem befitting of a President.

All of this, of course, is based on the idea that he could even win the election. As it stands, I highly doubt he’d ever beat Bush one-on-one.

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