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Rude Virginians

From the #clark04 IRC channel.

<TA4Clark> I have had it with calling people in VA
<Snowbunny> why...are they rude
<WESandWH> i didnt get to meet him unfortunitly
<TA4Clark> faifax is a snody town
<WESandWH> but i was in reaching distance
<TA4Clark> rude
<Snowbunny> he is a great guy...and he has a very firm but gentle handshake
<FrostSage_Arkansas> why is faifax snody?
<TA4Clark> "thank you for remind me of the primary and my polling place and I will NOT vote nor consider your candidate"

Now, for all you people who think I am overreacting, regarding my opinions just how much Northern Virginians is just a loosely-knit collection of uppity dicks, maybe this will be a bit of an eye-opener. :(

cswiii @ 1:02 am

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