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SCOX and Lehman Brothers: A Wall Street Wake-Up Call?

Ok, so there’s always been the paranoid supposition — or not even necessarily paranoid, but a wary realisation — that financial institutions wield great power regarding the movement of securities, currencies, even entire economies. Should one not consider this possible, one should merely read Jim Cramer (Confessions of a Wall Street Addict) or Tom Friedman (The Lexus and the Olive Tree) to find fine examples of how this happens. Be it vengeful, a wake-up call, or just a side-effect, it’s happened, and it can be done.

This said… for a long time, the Street has been pretty darn kind to SCOX. However, now that it’s public knowledge that SCO has rebuffed one of Wall Street’s own, what are the chances that SCOX and that pond scum CEO might get rocked a bit?

I dunno how possible it is, seeing as SCOX is so thinly traded, but it’s an interesting theory I’d like to notate, should it occur.

On a somewhat related note, it’s my opinion that Rob “vroom vroom” Enderle should cut the crap, get outta IT analysis and into critique of the newest issues of Hot Rod magazine as they come out. At least then, maybe his love for the “WAV file of a Ferrari race car revving its engine” would be a bit more appropriate.

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