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As the Verizon World Turns

Here’s my latest soap opera/saga with Verizon.

To recap:
* A lot of people out here can’t get DSL because of fiber loops on the phone lines
* Verizon has been remedying this by installing Remote Terminals which bypass the fibre loops.
* When I moved, I did so to an area where I pretty much suspected that there are, or would be, remote terminals installed.

About 3 wknds ago, I happened to catch a VZ Tech outside in the neighborhood. I asked him about the remote terminal issues, asking if there were any plans to expand and install them out this way, and/or whether or not I would be able to use the RT out in the cascades area. He pointed about 200 yards down the street at the tan box, and said, “well, that’s your remote terminal right there”. He did mention that orders are going in fast, so that I had to keep trying to get an order. That’s fine. I expected that. I asked if, in the off-chance that my phone number was not routed through the RT, could I get it done. He said yeah, it could be done.

A few days later, I called Verizon. Sure enough, they told me I was on a fibre loop, and in something that sound familiar to an issue that I remember hearing someone else nearby had, my number was not routed through that RT… despite the fact that I am just down the street from it. I guess when I moved from Chatham Green to Potomac Falls, they just rerouted my number in the system, but didn’t route it through the RT — my guess is because the latter would take more effort; I can almost guarantee you that if I got a brand spanking new phone line, it would be routed through.

So of course, I asked if I could be routed through it. The woman gave me the number of the local engineering office. I talked with them, they told me that it probably couldn’t be done, but that they’d heard of the issue before, and that it would have to be handled through the repairs dept.

They patched me through to repairs, who pretty much said that under no uncertain terms, could they reroute me. I raised a bit of a stink — I said that it made no sense, that VZ would be guaranteed an easy $40/mo from me via DSL subscription, if they could make this change. The guy reiterated, but said I would have to take that up w/ the business office. He then put me on hold, apparently called up the Business Office, and confirmed that no, they still wouldn’t do it.

I’m sorry, but what a bunch of asshats!

So what am I gonna do? Well, I think I am gonna switch local service to CavTel. I only need local service on my land line anyway, and I figure I have no need to support a company so unresponsive to the needs of consumers out here; likewise, VZ is gonna get a nastygram from me regarding their incompentency. So instead of gaining an extra $40 from me each month, they’ll lose $30 that they’d normally be getting for local service coverage.

Meanwhile, I am hoping that CavTel, in the process of taking over my line, can properly route me through the RT. I will talk with them first about this to try and estimate the feasibility.

Verizon has ticked me off for the last time, as far as I’m concerned.

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